About Me

Hello,  Drop the Hammer is a forum for me to connect with people interested in what I’m doing, experiments I’m conducting  and stuff like-minded freaks might find cool or interesting.  Part of what I’m sharing right now is the journey leading up to the 2012 London Olympic Games. Beijing was my first games and whilst an amazing experience, our result (6th) left me unsatisfied and with a performance less than what we were capable of.  As a member of the Australian Rowing Team I will provide an insight into a group of people living their Olympic dream.


I will also write about competition, training and nutrition topics that I find interesting and that other people might get some benefit or entertainment from.  I’ll also include stuff that I think is inspiring or awesome and maybe completely random.


Training or nutrition that I write about is not theoretical and is something I have either done or definitely will do once I am no longer obligated each day to my teammates and country to perform.  I am eager to discover what I can get out of my mind and body and people that do likewise.  For me, rowing is a sport I love, but mostly a forum to test myself.


If you want a specific subject discussed, please email me and I’ll see what I can do.


Lets do this thing, Samson