A Typically Atypical Couple of Days

Nov 07, 12 A Typically Atypical Couple of Days

Just a sampling of a 48 period Thursday 5:00pm to Saturday 5:00pm.  There are reasons for why I things were done this way.  Some of the rationale is based on science, some on experimentation – neither of which I will explain today.  This isn’t how I train or eat every 48hrs, but is an example of what might occur during a 48 hr period each week.  Do not do any of this without understanding why – which you do not.  Just an example of what is to come and eventually, explained.


5:15pm Concept 2 Erg. 12km @ 1:51.9/500m @ average HR 148.  Stroke rate – 19.  44mins 47secs

6:05pm Abs. V-sits 8 x 20.

6:15pm Stretching 10mins. 1L water.

6:45pm 185g roasted turkey.  70g cheddar cheese.  100g salami.  ½ big cucumber.  Green tea.

8:00pm 1L water.

10:30pm Sleep.

My trusty new/old Repco arm/leg bike.


6:00am Wake up

6:05am Weight – 91.30kg

6:15am  2 shots espresso, 1L water

8:30am Arm/leg bike 42mins @ 141bpm

9:30am Green tea, Weight – 90.9kg

9:40am 1 handful “Big Pump Mega-Mix” (raw almonds, raw macadamias, goji berries). 1L water.

9:45am Green tea, 1 tablespoon coconut oil. 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter.

10:00am Stretch 5-10mins.

11:30am Run – Half Marathon (21.1km) in 1hour 31mins 25seconds. Average speed 4:20/km. Average HR 156.

1:10pm Weight – 88.90kg

1:15pm 1 x pack of Allen’s “Party Mix”.  1/2 pack of Tim Tams. 1 x can of Solo.

1:30pm 20 jump squats, 20 push-ups (both with 10kg weighted vest) x 6.

2:00pm Protein thickshake (500g full-fat ice cream, 500ml skim milk, 30g whey protein), 1/2 pack of Tim Tams. 1 x can of Solo. 6 x 1 slice of rindless bacon, 1 poached egg on 1/2 an english muffin (oh which I had 4, because my body was ceasing to enjoy sudden influx of calories and sugar).

Protein Thickshake.

It cut me really deep to not finish this. Bonnie got the remainder. Good for her.

3:00pm Green tea.  1L water.  1 can of Coke Zero.

6:00pm Salad with baby spinach, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, celery with additional croutons, bacon bits, olive oil, cheese cubes.  5-6 small slices of bread with butter.  100g (at best) of fried calamari.  500g grass-fed sirloin steak with chips.  2 x 375ml beers (always lager).

Steak was good. Fries were ok.

7:00pm Choc-top ice cream.  Large slurpee (cola, raspberry flavours). 250g Cadbury Milk Chocolate.

9:00pm 1L water.

10:30pm Sleep


6:00am Wake up.

6:10am Weight – 93.5. Green tea. 1 x espresso. 1L water.

7:00am Walk 60mins

12:00pm 1 x handful “Big Pump Mega-Mix”. 1 can of Coke Zero. 300g Baby spinach.

2:00pm Green tea.  1 tablespoon coconut oil.  30g whey protein in 500ml of water.

4:00pm Green tea.  1 can of Coke Zero.  1 small can of Tuna.  1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter.

5:00pm 60mins arm/leg bike 60mins @ average HR 134.

So, what did I learn?  You can do quite a bit with not very much.  Food can be a crutch.  Food can also be delicious and make you feel sleepy.


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