Olympics – Done

Aug 16, 12 Olympics – Done

For those of you that have stumbled upon Drop the Hammer as a result of my new international propaganda campaign, welcome.  For those of you that were regular visitors and have been disappointed with my lack of recent contributions, I’m sorry.   A lot of Drop the Hammer’s previous content pertained to the Australian men’s eight and the journey to the London Olympics.  The Olympics, obviously, have concluded and I must therefore finalize my thoughts on what was obviously one of my life’s apexes.  The issue is I haven’t come to terms with how it all went down in my own head and therefore cannot write down how I feel.

Numerically we came sixth.  That’s the long and short of it.  We were less than 0.7 of a second off a Bronze Medal and less than 3 seconds off a Gold Medal.  That means we were close, but that there were also 5 crews better than us on the day.  I could detail a long diatribe on the various ups and downs of our season and include numerous excuses for why things didn’t work out for us, but I won’t. The reality is that every crew in that race had issues to contend with and that’s part of it.  The only thing that matters is who is fastest on the day and we were not.  Physically we were capable of winning and we were expecting a medal, so I’m always going to be disappointed with London.  I would like to take the chance now to thank all of you that supported me and the boys along the way.  All of you that read Drop the Hammer, watched the racing on TV or wished the best for us, thank you.

Drop the Hammer will now entail more individual exploits, experiments and nonsense – at least until I know exactly where my future lies with rowing and when I’m part of a team again.  The last 10 days in London were immensely enjoyable, but have left my body as fatter, less healthy version of my former self.  I raced on August 1st at 90.9kg (200lb) and yesterday, two weeks later I hopped off the plane in Sydney and weighted 100.3kg (220.66lb).   This wasn’t an accident or a surprise.  It can be somewhat cathartic to damage oneself . After racing in London I approximately averaged 12 cheeseburgers, 54 chicken nuggets, 5 large fries, 6 slices of pizza, 3 chocolate thickshakes, various other items of terrible food and excessive quantities of alcohol each and every day. The above photo is of an actual meal. It was junk food rampage. My immune system is shot to hell and I have no body clock.  Once our chartered plane touched down that phase concluded.

I have a strategy outlined for how I’m going to reverse the damage I’ve done and then go beyond my previous level of physical condition.  I’m going to train hard, smart and eat the foods I want along the way for the greatest possible yield.  I’m flying to New York tomorrow for a mate’s wedding and various other adventures, so Drop the Hammer is going back abroad and back under 100 kilograms.

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  1. empire state stair climbs perhaps.

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