That’s Not A Knife

Jul 17, 12 That’s Not A Knife

It’s time to Drop the Hammer!  It’s our last week in Italy and as much as we’ve enjoyed our time in Varese, it’s about time to get this show on the road.  We’re still hard at training, keeping up the volume, but will freshen up when the time is right.  The Australian Rowing Team is staying at “Royal Holloway” instead of the main Olympic Village.  Royal Holloway is the Rowing and Canoe/Kayak village and exists because it is closer to Eton-Dorney Lake.  As a result of not being in the main village until after competition we wont be with Australian Olympic Team at large.  This is largely a good thing as, despite how focused you think you are, it’s an undeniable distraction.  The Olympic Village is an unimaginable freak fest.  Normality vanishes when a team of Russian Volleyballers, all who exceed 7ft, walk by.  For me, Royal Holloway is the place that provides my daily sustenance and rest and the Olympic Village is primarily a post-competition cheeseburger dispensary. In any event, the Men’s Eight will be bringing some Aussie moxie to London.

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