Pre-comp Pump-Ups and Mash-Ups

Jul 03, 12 Pre-comp Pump-Ups and Mash-Ups

It’s time to drop the hammer! This is a post of mixed agendas.  The first component is a brief synopsis of the kind of weight lifting we primarily target at this point in our preparation and the second is just a sweet mash-up from some guy I just heard of, Kap Slap.  Usual rules apply to the music.  It must be loud and bass optimised.  I understand if you’re getting sick of the electro music, but I’m the hammer dropper – so suck it up.  At this graduated level of fatigue, up tempo tracks with synthesised beats hits the spot.

One corner of the Pump Station

At this point in proceedings (One month yesterday until the Olympic Final of the Men’s Eight) we aren’t trying to get a lot stronger per se.  What we are trying to do is add in some explosive potential, maintain the strength and power we do have and prevent injury.  With these goals in mind we focus largely on explosive Olympic lifting movements (Snatches and Power Cleans), low reps of basic strength movements that relate specifically to the boat (Squats, Bench Pull, Chin-Ups), antagonist strength exercises for non-rowing specific muscular balance (Bench Press and other pressing variations).  In addition to these we have core/shredded mid-section exercises and I like to included a liberal dose of burpees in and around most sessions.  The goal at this point isn’t to rival Mariusz Pudzianowski, but to ensure everything we do in the gym transfer functionally to the boat.  That being said I’ll eventually post some pre-Olympic lifting numbers.

Not too many iron pillars available for lifting at the ETC.

There also seems to be quite a few exercises involving big rubber bands that I don’t quite understand, but they seem to keep everyone in the boat, so I’m all for them.  On top of that we do a bit of flexibility/mobility and glute activation work.

When in doubt - refer directly to Coach Jamie's notes.

I’ve received requests for posts on various topics and I look forward to replying to these in time. Keep ’em coming.  Until then cop a dose of “Swedish House Mafia ft. Carley Rae Jepsen – Call Me Greyhound (Kap Slap Bootleg)”

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