Lab Testing

Apr 18, 12 Lab Testing

It’s time to drop the hammer!  Yesterday we had testing in the lab to determine our current fitness levels and how we’ve pulled up since trials.  The step test involves 7 four minute blocks with a minute rest between each.  The first four minute step is very easy (the equivalent of walking intensity) and each step is progressively harder.  Each step there is a 45 watt increase in power until the seventh and last step which is as hard and far as you can go in four minutes.  Added to this, you get the privilege of having a snorkel attached to your face that measures the amount of oxygen each athlete is able to use (VO2) and blood taken from your ear to measure blood lactate (which increases as the test becomes more demanding).  I’m optimistic that this test might be the last step test we do for quite a while and I’m not complaining.  There were some good numbers from the fellas.  A few personal best’s, a few near PBs (including myself) and maybe the highest absolute VO2 ever recored at the Australian Institute of Sport say we’re heading in the right direction physically.  Many thanks to Tony Rice for his macabre measuring protocol and Charlie Allen for his blood leaching.  Photo credit to Tobias Lister.


  1. Who recorded the record VO2??

  2. I’m guessing it was Sloth, but Sam can probably neither confirm or deny.

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