Don’t Sweat The Technique Part 1.

Mar 28, 13 Don’t Sweat The Technique Part 1.

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The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later. Whilst reading one of the numerous powerlifting/strongman/olympic lifting/bodybuilding blogs I regularly peruse I was presented with an interesting discussion on the various opinions regarding the concept of “ideal” technique as it relates to lifting...

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Single Leg Smash

Mar 18, 13 Single Leg Smash

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It’s time for you to Drop the Hammer on your wheels.  Your quadricep cross-section is your responsibility.  No excuses.  To make sure you are fully capable of allowing your quads and hams opportunities for destruction and eventual growth, I will provide you with a couple of exercises that involve no equipment whatsoever....

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The Paleo Diet Can Suck On My Chocolate Thickshake

Mar 12, 13 The Paleo Diet Can Suck On My Chocolate Thickshake

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The people have spoken and Drop the Hammer is making a mighty return.  Mighty insofar as I’ll try and get stuff up more regularly.  Those that took the time to write, I thank you.  You are now all immediately elevated to 1st lieutenants in the DtH army.  As for the rest of you.  Give me $5.  Nah, I’m just kidding....

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Where To From Here?

Mar 01, 13 Where To From Here?

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It’s time to Drop The Hammer? It’s obviously been a long time since my last post and I’ve been pondering what the future holds for Drop The Hammer enterprises. The cognitive dissonance I feel relates to my not having any awareness of whether people read this at all and if it’s worth my time.  I feel like I...

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