Lucerne Wrap-Up and Moving Forward

May 29, 12 Lucerne Wrap-Up and Moving Forward

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It’s quite obvious to us and anyone that watched our race on Sunday that we massively under-performed.  We thought that Saturday’s rep was a step in the right direction, but even that race was far below what we are capable of.  We were looking to step up for the final, but did not.  We will live with this reality and...

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The Clash

May 23, 12 The Clash

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With more crews qualifying for the Olympics today and tomorrow I’m hearing quite a bit of “London Calling” and beyond it being a catch phrase that intimates competing at the Olympics it should serve as a reminder of The Clash and how money they are.  London Calling is a good song.  I prefer “Should I Stay...

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Swiss Adventures Part 1

May 19, 12 Swiss Adventures Part 1

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It’s time to drop the hammer! We’ve arrived in Lucerne, Switzerland for the start of the European portion of our campaign.  It’s not quite the summer weather we were hoping for, but it’s no colder than Canberra for sure.  Things I like about Switzerland include chocolate, general nordic behaviour,...

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Sickness Prevention

May 14, 12 Sickness Prevention

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It’s time to drop the hammer!  Well, it’s been a little while since my last post.  We’ve wrapped up operations in Canberra and most probably won’t be back for some time.  Our approaching change of hemisphere couldn’t come at a better time as it is just getting cold enough to be unpleasant.  After a couple of hit-outs...

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Caffeine Nap

May 04, 12 Caffeine Nap

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It’s time to drop the hammer!  Feeling a bit pooped.  Try a caffeine nap.  A little bit counter intuitive, but ingesting caffeine prior to a short nap (15-20 minutes) has been shown in driving simulation studies by Horne and Reyner to be more effective in reducing driving “incidents” and subjective sleepiness...

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